It Is Never Enough!

I am sorry for not updating my blog all these while. In fact, I am having a major examination in this week. So I am quite busy preparing for it. Besides, I have got to maintain my other blogs. You might be surprised with this post since I am not writing in Chinese. I write this post at the library and this computer I am using now does not allow me to configure its language and typing setting. It is so annoying but anyway I will just write in English. Hopefully my bad English does not frighten you (haha!).

After two hours I will be having my pure maths exam and yet I am still blogging at library! I just got frustrated with the maths exercises. It isn't tough but I indeed need more practice. Maths is a practical subject that requires a lot of exercises, assuming you and I are not any maths genius! Anyhow I have to do my best in the exam to make sure my parents will not be worried about my studies. They know I am engaged in Internet Marketing Business and stuff like that. Despite studying for exam, I never lose any opportunity to do research on Internet Marketing Business. I have got few plans and I will implement all of them after my A Level examination.

Perhaps, I will revamp this blog into a more "pro-looking" one. I know I have got tons of works and tasks to do but I do not have enough time. It is NEVER enough! Yesterday, I stumbled upon the news that the earth is getting slow on pace and the time is getting longer. In other words, in far future, there will be 25 hours in a day. What a shocking news to me! But when I say far future, it is indeed something that could only happen after few era or even milleniums.

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Teddy 说...


Internet Business?! Sounds interesting...

how many blogs u have wor? din advertise it wan? hehe

圣龙 说...

Internet Business is indeed interesting. However, it is NOT easy to have a good Internet Business. I am still learning and testing all the methods I could learn.It requires a lot of efforts, drive and determination.

I do have a self-hosted blog but currently that blog's server has incurred some major problems. Perhaps I messed up with its index setting.


Teddy 说...

self hosted?
u mean u nid to pay everymonth ah?

wat u blog over there?

oh yea, r u from Foon Yew 2?

somebody ask wan.. haha...she said u look very familiar..